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”Starting today (24th of April 2014), anyone with a license for the computer game Minecraft can visit a model of Denmark in full size.

This makes Denmark the first country in the world that can be explored in Minecraft in the ratio 1:1.

The model consists of around 4000 billion bricks, and takes up about 1TB (1000 Gigabyte ) if you want to download the entire country.

Elevation Models, buildings and much more

It’s Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen from Geodatastyrelsen who has taken the available data on the country - from elevation models to information about roads and buildings and “translated” it into Minecraft’s characteristic blocks.

-At the same time we introduced a coordinate system, so you can easily find a specific point in the model. You can visit a road, you childhood home, or maybe somewhere in Denmark you have never been before.

The square Denmark can be used in school

The project is designed, among other things, to give pupils the opportunity to move around in a 3D model of Denmark that can be used in both social studies, geography and more.

- You can also use it in mathematics. Pupils can for example be given the task to build a new playground next to the school within Minecraft, with a certain number of blocks available.

At the same time, you can build and remove blocks in the model and make your own buildings, hills or roads - or change the shoreline if you are not satisfied with the beach.”

You can find more information on Geodatastyrelsen (In Danish) 
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